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From £155.00

Location: NW Highlands

Duration: 1 day

Client to Instructor Ratio: 2:1 Max

Liathach Traverse

Embark on a timeless adventure along a pinnacled ridge, delicately balancing on a narrow spine high above Liathach's mesmerising sandstone tiers.


Before Your Course

Your EverydayClimbing mountain guide will be in touch one to two days before your course commences.  This pre-course contact serves to introduce your guide, confirm meeting details, and provide insight into the expected weather conditions. Our guides are readily available to address any queries you may have, ensuring you're well-prepared for your upcoming adventure.

On The Day

Liathach, often regarded as the crowning jewel of the North-West Highlands, captivates with its photogenic, tiered sandstone buttresses that gracefully taper as they ascend. This majestic mountain culminates in a celebrated ridge-line, offering a splendid mid-grade scrambling experience that is nothing short of iconic.

Embarking on our traverse from the Eastern approach bestows upon us the opportunity to relish the full spectrum of exhilarating scrambling that this ridge has to offer. It's worth noting that there's no escaping the reality that all paths to the summit commence from the base of the mountain, with the ascent beginning steeply. This steep ascent continues until we reach the summit of the first Munro, Spidean a' Choire Leith. From here, the undulating ridge unfolds, leading us through enjoyable, easy scrambling as we progress toward the primary highlight—the Fasarinen Pinnacles.

The pinnacles, like serrated teeth, point the way to Liathach's second Munro. Yet, they can be bypassed with an alternative, less adventurous path along the exposed slopes below the ridge. To truly immerse yourself in all that this mountain has to offer, it's recommended to stick to the true crest throughout the journey. Seek out the finest rock features and relish the unique situations presented on each tower along the entire ridge. This includes climbing up chimneys, scaling walls, navigating cracks, and traversing slabs—over 600 meters of exhilarating rock scrambling. All of this unfolds with the dramatic backdrop of Glen Torridon, hundreds of meters below your feet. The scrambling on this section is both immensely enjoyable and often serene, as most hikers opt for the more conventional bypass path below.

After conquering the technical difficulties, a bit more ascent allows us to easily add a second Munro to our day. Upon reaching this additional summit, the descent becomes a winding journey through steep terrain, guiding us back to the glen and, soon after, our awaiting vehicles and the comforts of home.


Not quite what you're seeking? No problem! We specialise in organising climbing, scrambling, or mountaineering guides for any route in the Scottish Highlands or islands. From the dramatic sea-stacks to the legendary Skye Cuillin, we've got your adventure covered. Feel free to drop us a line with your specific requirements, and we'll promptly respond to your inquiry.

Dates and Prices


This course is available year-round and can be scheduled on any day that suits your plans.

Feel free to reach out with your specific requirements or contact us using the form below, and we'll promptly respond to your inquiry.


Our prices are comprehensive and cover the following:

  • Information and support prior to the course
  • An AMI accredited, insured, and fully qualified guide
  • Professional-grade climbing equipment for each participant
  • Mountain safety gear
  • Memorable photos of your adventure

One person - £260

Two people - £310 (£155 per person)

Is this for me?

Embark on a spectacular journey to explore one of Scotland's rightfully cherished mountains, Liathach.

With a highly qualified and experienced instructor by your side, you'll have the privilege to conquer the ridge's most outstanding and exposed sections head-on. As you make your climbing moves hundreds of meters above the vast expanse of Glen Torridon, you'll move in complete security, leaving other hikers envious as they pass by the awe-inspiring sections you conquer.

The Liathach traverse serves as an excellent introduction to the art of scrambling in the Northwest Highlands, accessible to determined hillwalkers of all ages and experiences. While it's a full-day endeavor, there are shortcuts and optional sections that can be omitted, rendering it an ideal choice for beginners and families seeking a thrilling and gratifying route on a mountain that's practically perfect.

While prior summer hillwalking experience and some experience of scrambling is recommended, it's not essential. Your guide will provide you with the support and knowledge you need to make this adventure a memorable and safe one.

Kit list


• 25-35l backpack

• Mountain walking boots

• Walking poles

• Water bottle or hot drink flask (1 litre)

• lunch (around 1000cals.)

• Head torch + spare batteries 

• Thick socks

• Waterproof jacket and trousers 

• Thin fleece or light insulated jacket

• Thick fleece or mid insulated jacket

• Warm hat

• Gloves

• Hiking trousers

• Synthetic/merino base layers

• Personal medication

• Sun lotion & midge repellent/head net

• Waterproof stuff sacks for everything


• OS map

• Waterproof map case

• Compass (Silva type 4 recommended)

• Gaiters


• Harness

• Climbing helmet

• Belay device and karabiner

• Emergency shelter (Orange bag)


For your comfort and security we highly recommend you attend with all the equipment from the list. Activities may still go ahead if the participants do not attend with the full kit list, but EverydayClimbing and our instructors reserve the right to adjust the itinerary or end the activity early if missing equipment is likely to increase risk to group members above acceptable parameters.

As part of our commitment to reducing barriers to the outdoors, we have a range of equipment for use by anyone, no questions asked. Just drop us a line to let us know what you require.

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