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From £175.00

Location: NW Highlands

Duration: 1 day

Client to Instructor Ratio: 2:1 Max

Traverse of An Teallach (Winter)

This is not just a journey; it's a 'must-do' for winter enthusiasts, devoted Mountaineers, and anyone with a drive for experiencing the absolute best the North-Wests majestic peaks have to offer in the winter season.


Before Your Course

Your EverydayClimbing mountain guide will be in touch one to two days before your course commences.  This pre-course contact serves to introduce your guide, confirm meeting details, and provide insight into the expected weather conditions. Our guides are readily available to address any queries you may have, ensuring you're well-prepared for your upcoming adventure.

On the Day

The traverse of An Teallach stands as an exquisite representation of winter mountaineering on the Scottish mainland. Alpine in its length and complexity and with diverse climbing opportunities, this route holds universal appeal. For novice mountaineers, it often marks a transformative journey – an experience of a lifetime. More seasoned climbers, who can savor every heart-pounding moment on the exposed pinnacles, will recognise the sheer magic woven into this circuit.

Our adventure commences from Corrie Hallie, offering us an opportunity to circumnavigate the mountain and behold the full majesty of the ridge line we are about to conquer. The ascent unfolds gently at first, with the striking silhouette of the mountain's jagged skyline dominating the corrie of Toll an Lochain. After a few kilometers, we depart from the approach path and embark on a steep ascent to the summit of Sail Liath. Here, the entirety of the journey ahead unfolds in all its grandeur, and a few meters later, we make our first contact with the frozen rock.

Choosing the Sail Liath approach offers us another invaluable advantage: ascending the finest and most exposed sections of the route. Our adventure starts with a challenging and exposed series of moves that seem to hang over Toll An Lochan, hundreds of meters below.

Beyond this thrilling section, we navigate a succession of beautifully contoured towers, each presenting various route choices and levels of difficulty. The surroundings command our attention, yet the temptation to steal glimpses of the breathtaking backdrop often prevails. And rightfully so – the view is nothing short of extraordinary. This route demands a full spectrum of winter skills, rendering it especially rewarding. From ascending corners, slabs, and chimneys to traversing airy ledges and executing tricky descents, this is a true winter playground.

The final crescendo is reached at Lord Berkeley's Seat, an imposing, overhanging peak, marking the culmination of the route's challenges. Beyond this point, optional easy mountaineering remains, with paths leading to additional summits if you so desire. Choices for the return journey abound, offering scenic or direct descents of varying steepness. But no matter the path you choose, all roads ultimately lead back to Coir' a Ghiubhsachain and your awaiting vehicle.

The journey out is a always a picturesque one, particularly at sunset, when these mountains take on a magical low-light Alpenglow.

Not quite what you're seeking? No problem! We specialise in organising climbing, scrambling, or mountaineering guides for any route in the Scottish Highlands or islands. From the dramatic sea-stacks to the legendary Skye Cuillin, we've got your adventure covered. Feel free to drop us a line with your specific requirements, and we'll promptly respond to your inquiry.

Dates and Prices


This route is typically in condition throughout the winter season and can usually be scheduled on any day that suits your plans.

Feel free to reach out with your specific requirements or contact us using the form below, and we'll promptly respond to your inquiry.


Our prices are comprehensive and cover the following:

  • Information and support prior to the course
  • An AMI accredited, insured, and fully qualified guide
  • Professional-grade climbing equipment for each participant
  • Mountain safety gear
  • Memorable photos of your adventure

One person - £300

Two people - £350 (£175 per person)

Is this for me?

Embark on the classic winter traverse of An Teallach, one of Scotland's most beloved mountains, under the expert guidance of our qualified and experienced instructors.

With your instructor leading the way, you'll face the opportunity to tackle the ridge's finest and most exposed sections head-on. Dive into the exploration, immerse yourself in the adventure, and experiment with the many exposed segments this remarkable ridge has to offer. For the more challenging down-climbs, your guide will secure your descents with a climbing rope from above, allowing you to relish each move. If the challenge becomes overwhelming at any point, a bypass path is readily accessible, enabling you to bypass as much or as little of the technical mountaineering as you like. This adaptability ensures that the route accommodates most levels of experience.

The traverse serves as an exceptional gateway to mountaineering in the Northwest Highlands and is well within reach for determined hillwalkers with a foundation in winter skills experience. It offers an ideal entry point for winter climbing novices seeking a thrilling and gratifying experience on an almost flawless mountain. Seasoned mountaineers, too, will find ample opportunities to elevate their skills.

Kit list


• 35-45l backpack

• B2/B3 Winter mountain boots (Can be rented locally)

• Gaiters

• Ski Goggles

• Walking poles

• Emergency shelter (Orange bag)

• Water bottle (around 1 litre) or hot drink flask

• Food and extra food (min. 1000cals.)

• Head torch and spare batteries 

• Thick socks

• Waterproof jacket and trousers 

• Thin fleece or light insulated jacket

• Thick fleece or mid insulated jacket

• Thick insulated jacket

• Warm hat

• Buff

• 2-3x Pairs winter gloves

• Hiking trousers

• Synthetic/merino base layers

• Personal medication

• Waterproof stuff sacks for everything


• OS maps of planned areas

• Waterproof map case

• Compass (silva type 4 recommended)


• Harness

• Climbing helmet

• 120cm sling and karabiner

• C1/C2 crampons

• Single mountaineering axe

To guarantee your comfort and security throughout our activities, we strongly advise all participants to come prepared with the complete equipment listed. While our activities may proceed even if participants do not have the entire kit list, please be aware that EverydayClimbing and our instructors retain the right to modify the itinerary or conclude the activity early should the absence of essential equipment pose an elevated risk to the group, exceeding acceptable safety standards.

As part of our unwavering commitment to eliminating barriers to outdoor adventures, we offer a selection of equipment available for use by anyone, with no questions asked. Your safety and enjoyment are our top priorities. Just drop us a line to let us know what you require.

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